Darin Telecom Services

Established in 2002, Darin Telecom Services (DTS) has positioned itself as the region’s premier, full service telecom provider with a unique specialization in providing services in remote and hostile locations.

DTS’ team of highly qualified and experienced professionals offers first-class, end-to-end telecom services with the goal of becoming the undisputed leader in full turnkey telecom installation projects in Iraq.

At DTS, customer satisfaction is key; therefore, providing the highest quality of services along with the most competitive prices in the market has not only made the company a telecommunications leader, but also one of the Darin Group’s most successful branches contributing greatly in all regions in Iraq. It has been working as service provider for Korek and Ericsson since 2004.


The expectations reliably and consistently, specifications are clearly spelled out, not only for results but also for processes. Specifications apply to materials, work steps, qualified personnel and subcontractors and suppliers, safe work rules, and environmental work conditions.

We adopt to supplemental requirements for industry standards that apply to a specific project on the Project Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plan when it is not otherwise specified by the contract, contract technical specifications, or approved drawings.

DTS’s ensure that the project quality framework provides the support needed in the project, it should be continuously evaluates, and makes suggestions for improvement.

Quality assurance activities are performed throughout the project and include reviews, audits and assessments, and monitoring of both results achieved in the project and of the project performance, as well as existing processes. Project performance monitoring and measurements, such as reporting of project performance indicator and Project evaluation

  • Project Performance Monitoring and Measurements
  • Project Audits
  • Project Management Audits
  • Quality Process and its procedures


Year Founded

700 +


300 +

Engineers & Technicians

1000 +



Staying on top of emerging technologies, monitoring local legislation, and adjusting to regulatory changes are just a few of the challenges independent telecommunications companies are facing on a daily basis.

DTS brings a comprehensive approach to helping its clients meet these challenges. Through a broad range of oversight and management services, the DTS team can help telecommunications companies prepare for success in light of the new industry realities of today.

Full and Partial Management Control / Shadow Operator Management Services

Accelerated deployment time frames with new technology

Expedited communication

Smart resources management

Planned contingency

Rapid access
to materials

Expertise in local codes & regulations to ensure compliance


DTS is a pioneer in the development and implementation of solutions that support multiple wireless carriers and the community they serve.

Full Turnkey

Netwrok Enhancement
& Rehabilitation


Planning & Optimization

Telecommunications giants like Korek Telecom trust in DTS’ services to improve their client’s coverage, capacity, and bandwidth.


DTS’s Rollout Services are used to effectively manage everything from simple installations to larger projects for national chains. A rollout project provides rapid delivery in multiple locations with a similar scope.

With multiple installations going on in different regions at any given time, the rollout team serves to ensure that solutions are communicated seamlessly and delivered with maximum efficiency. In turn, clients attain the best possible consistency in their product delivery.


  • Project Definition
  • RF & TRM Plan
  • Scope of Work


  • Communication Plan
  • Risk Assessment
  • Responsanility Matrix


  • Follow Up & Monitoring
  • Adjustments
  • QA/QC


  • Risk Analysis
  • Project Implementation
  • Problems


DTS’ operations and maintenance teams are committed to providing flexible, integrated, dependable, cost-effective, and responsive solutions to meet the telecom requirements of Iraq. Its professional, highly experienced teams possess the problem solving skills and tools necessary to perfectly meet operators’ SLAs.

From PASSIVE to 24-hour preventive and corrective maintenance services, DTS is more than prepared to handle the operations and maintenance requirements of civil, telecom, and electromechanical sites to name a few.


Tailor made projects can be created according to quality and time according to the client’s budget.


Multi-disciplinary tasks and value added services our provided through Darin Telecom’s in-house expertise.


DTS is highly experienced in O&M of Passive infra Telecom Cell Sites and Optical Fiber Cable networks.


With continual improvement programs, professional services are maintained to high standards for customer satisfaction.


The teams, with their unique blend of knowledge, enthusiasm, and ambition, have made the company the frontrunner in the industry.


DTS executes projects successfully in stipulated time frame as per the defined SLAs and excels customer expectation.

“Our strategic bond with Darin Telecom Services has played a key role in the successful launch of many of our core products along with the subsequent expansion of other value added services in Iraq. Their experience of running services and their willingness to adopt new technologies is a very different way of working for Iraq meant. Their commitment to keep on innovating means is well placed to continue to improve our member service experience. I would highly recommend the services of DTS to any firm looking to obtain strong corporate growth through contracted telecom services.”


“Darin is a leader in the field where they provide an end to end telecommunication services across Iraq, the dedicated and qualified business & technical personnel ranges from professionally trained technicians, engineers and managers makes Darin the best service provider (Quality of Deliveries & Committed delivery as per the plan). On top of the strong technical profile we shouldn’t forget the flexibility that Darin shows during tendering and delivery where they act like partner helping the supplier and the operator together to do profitable business respecting all the challenges and competition where time to market is a key factor in the telecom industry.”

ERICSSON, Account Manager