Darin Group’s Construction branch leads the way in Iraq when it comes to the development of some of the region’s most intense and diversified projects. From infrastructure works all the way to enclosed structure & open air projects, Darin Construction has the necessary skills to make any project — no matter how challenging — truly come to life.

Counting on a work force of over 7,000 people and through an endless portfolio of international projects, Darin Construction is able to develop innovative, practical solutions for its clients that truly stand out from the competition.


Highways and toll roads, inner-city roads, bridges, access roads, tunnels, embankments, etc.




Operation &

Through the successful completion of a number of large-scale road works, Darin Construction is widely recognized as one of the leading international design and construction contractors in Northern Iraq. With services ranging from the design, development, construction, operation, and maintenance of public and private works, Darin Construction truly delivers on its promise to provide successful, quality projects to their always satisfied and ever-growing list of clients.


Darin Construction is proud to offer a wide variety of enclosed & open air construction capabilities for both private and public clients. Additionally, Darin Construction satisfies Darin Group’s own construction needs as part of the group’s overall integrated style of project management.


Specializing in delivering contemporary designs and incorporating high-tech amenities and quality recreation facilities, Darin Construction has an extensive portfolio of completed residential developments ranging from luxury villas to private and serviced apartments.


With five hotels built in Erbil alone and counting, Darin Construction provides the design and solutions to create the most luxurious hotels possible. The highly-specialized hotel developments generally include health spas, convention centers, ballrooms, restaurants, entertainment facilities, and even lavish penthouse suites.

Commercial Centers

Darin Construction is one of the region’s most recognized and respected constructor of multi-story commercial and retail developments. Utilizing a combination of passive and active environmental features, the company has delivered many of the region’s most noteworthy offices and shopping malls.

Theme Parks

Strategically located in Erbil, Dhuok, and Soran, Darin Construction’s theme parks are yet another example of the company’s construction prowess. The company has designed and built each park, which, in total, contain 40 rides, indoor and outdoor recreation areas, and even a bowling alley.

Hospitals & Healthcare

Darin Construction prides itself on the delivery of state-of- the- art, technology-enabled healthcare facilities. Moreover, the company has an unwavering commitment to the development of innovative construction methods that provide an added value to each and every project undertaken.


Darin Construction is a recognized leader in the design and construction of industrial facilities. Manufacturing and processing facilities are often constructed to meet the company’s own construction demands as they arise. For more information on the factories go to the category entitled “Factories.”


Duhok Terminal

General Hospital in Erbil

Sheladiz Sirie Road

Batel Road 14 KM

Amedi Link, Mrebka Road & Tunnel

Deraluk ARC


Masiki-Zirka Interior Roads

Erbil Entrance Road

Kurdistan Interchange–Zakho Municipality