Leading the way

With new and exciting opportunities presenting themselves every day in the Iraqi marketplace and surrounding area, Darin Group has proven itself to be a true leader in bringing about change and development to the region.


Darin Group can be broken up into four main categories of activities and services. Click on the links below to learn more about each of our primary business operations.


Consistently delivering innovative, practical solutions to its clients, Darin Group manages a diverse portfolio of construction projects.


Darin Group meets its own supply needs as well as the general needs of the region through its nine diverse factories.


Consultancy, management, and maintenance services are just a few ways Darin Group can meet its clients’ telecom needs.


Utilizing its unique experience investing in the region, Darin Group uses its resources to help companies make their investment decisions.


Darin Group has brought about a number of positive changes in the region through its wide range of services and activities. Click on the links below to learn about its most notable achievements.