There is always something new and exciting going on in the Darin Group community. Scroll through the following project updates and events to find out what developments are currently underway.

Landmark Group deal to bring in new brands to Dhuok Family Mall among others in Kurdistan

Darin Group and JLL Leasing have completed final lease negotiations with Landmark Group, one of the Middle East’s most successful retail organizations. Dubai-based Landmark Group controls over 2,000 retail outlets and has over 40,000 employees. It has consistently delivered exceptional value to its shoppers over the years, and thanks to the hard work of Darin Group and the JLL leasing team, those living in Kurdistan can now enjoy some of the world’s top brands in some of their favorite shopping centers. As a result of the lease negotiations, Landmark Group will bring some of its trademark retail brands to the Dohuk and Suliamania shopping malls as well as to the new extension in Family Mall Erbil. Such brands include, Center Point, Home Centre, MAX, Shoe Express, and Carrefour.

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Extension added to Family Mall in Erbil

Family Fun Mall, undoubtedly one of the finest malls in Erbil, is adding on a 9,000 m² extension, which will ensure its spot in the list of top malls for many years to come. With construction starting in 2014 and already more than halfway finished, this extension will feature a basement parking lot and three additional levels. The ground floor will feature clothing stores; the second, restaurants; and the third floor will be a fitness center. Darin Group had decided to add on this extension in response to the overwhelming desire from new and popular brands to form part of the Family Fun Mall. The new section of the mall will mesh seamlessly with the existing Family Fun Mall layout, and the new and innovative construction methods used on the extension are the first of its kind seen in Erbil.

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Construction of new General Hospital in Erbil

After being awarded the contract from the Kurdistan Regional Government, Darin Construction is being held responsible for the creation of the 9,000 m², 330 Beds General Hospital in Erbil. Upon completion, it will have nine floors—a basement, ground floor, and seven upper levels. Construction started in 2013, and its expected completion date is in late 2015. The hospital site will contain the main hospital building, a residential building for medical staff, and a service building to house the generators and additional service items.

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Nasstel named distributor of MasterCard throughout Iraq

The Telecom Division of Darin Group is one of the group’s fastest growing divisions, and in the last year alone, nearly all of the company’s growth came from its high-demand telecom services. In line with the division’s history of success, Nasstel has come to an agreement with MasterCard, which will allow it to exclusively distribute MasterCard products and services throughout Iraq. It will be responsible for the distribution of physical and digital cards, vouchers, and related software.

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