Darin Telecom Services

Established in 2002, Darin Telecom Services (DTS) has positioned itself as the region’s premier, full service telecom provider with a unique specialization in providing services in remote and hostile locations.

Our Passive Maintenance services for the Telecom Cell Site include.

  • Comprehensive Maintenance.
  • Non-Comprehensive Maintenance.
  • Diesel Filling & EB Payment.

Preventive, Corrective, Routine and Breakdown Maintenance including Diesel Filling in the Cell Sites.

DTS provides DG maintenance, diesel filling, first level maintenance for DG, AMF Panel, UPS, Fire Alarm System, follow-up for alarms, order wire, battery voltage, level of distilled water in the secondary cells, battery charger, and electrical installation of the prefabs / building in case of any discrepancy report. etc.

  • Preventive Maintenance services as per the SLA / SOW.
  • Corrective Maintenance SLA & TTR.
  • Electromechanical, air-conditioning servicing, and Overhauling in accordance with the specification by OEM / Customer.
  • Breakdown Maintenance like tracking of alarms for site outages and link failures.
  • Diesel filling according to the BEET PLAN to ensure the availability of HSD in the DG tank.

Preventive maintenance on the BTS and antenna system include:

  • Voltage Standing Wave Ratio Measurements “VSWR” checking and rectification of reflections from connectors / jumpers / antennas.
  • Connection Checks (Tightening of nuts & bolts, Cables, Isolators).
  • TX/RX Calibrations.
  • Checking all the BTS hardware— i.e. DXU, DRU, connection cables. and replacing if required.
  • Radio Power Management.
  • Validation of antenna orientations and corrections if required.

Preventive maintenance on the microwave and antenna system include:

  • Transmission Change order services: Link Upgrades, change Transmission routing, etc.
  • Sites Migration and re-parenting as per BSC design and Transmission Network design orders.
  • Checking the RSL of M/W hubs with fine-tuning MW link if required and check connectors and cabling grounding of the antenna
  • Check and maintain ODU and IDU fixation.

Our Passive Maintenance services cover the following Telecom Infrastructures:

  • Power Plants.
  • Diesel Generators.
  • PMUs (Power Management Unit).
  • Fire Alarm Systems.
  • Battery Banks.
  • Air Conditioners.
  • Shelters.
  • Servo Stabilizers.
  • Spare Parts Managed Services
  • Towers / Masts / Poles.
  • Earth Pits.
  • Other Electrical Elements.

DTS’s Managed Network services include:

  • Active Maintenance of BTS and BSC
  • Network Optimization
  • Capacity Management

Active Maintenance of BTS and BSCs by DTS’s operation & maintenances.

DTS provides level-1 Active O&M services like fault monitoring & management, preventive and corrective maintenance for Base Station Subsystem elements made up of BTS and BSCs. Managed Network services include the following activities:

  • Troubleshooting of BTS using Online Monitoring Tool (OMT).
  • Fault localization on BSS equipment (BTS / BSC) and antenna system.
  • Simple repair procedures and replace faulty hardware units.
  • Testing after corrective actions like test calls, test external alarms and antenna system test.
  • Monitoring internal and external alarms of BTS using the OMT.
  • Troubleshooting of T1/E1 link to bring site on air.
  • Periodic drive testing of BTS Site.
  • Verification, up-grades / replacement of cards / devices.
  • Firmware / hardware modification for cards / devices locally.
  • Oversee replaced units.
  • Logistics and documentation support for repair & return of faulty hardware units.



  • Passive maintenance 200 sites( South region)
  • Passive maintenance to Data center(Basra Core)
  • Passive maintenance 250 sites( Mosul & Sinjar)
  • 80+ Sites ,Full Audit for microwave for Back Bone site for South routes
  • 70+ Sites ,Test & analysis the microwave interference for back bone sites(South Routes for 6 & 7 GHz using spectrum devises)


  • Field Maintenances(Passive & active) 900 + sites,2010 – present
  • Fuel Supply for 900 + sites,2010 – present
  • Passive Field Maintenances & fuel supply for 5 Core Projects
  • Passive Field Maintenances & fuel supply for HQ & branch offices