Iraqi Kurdistan, with a growing population of 5.3 million inhabitants and a GDP of 26.5 billion USD as of 2012, is a region with almost as much unlimited potential as natural and human resources.

No one knows this better than Darin Group, who has dedicated the past 13 years developing a number of the rising sectors from the ground up. Darin Group firmly believes in the ultimate success of Iraq and subsequently has proven itself to be the best in research and business intelligence aimed at promoting foreign investment in the region.

27 B$

GDP (2012)

7000 $

Per Capita Income (2012)

18 B$

Government Budget (2012)

42 B$

Total Investment (2006-2014)


Valuable investment guidance can be offered on the following industries in the region:


3 mobile operators
90% mobile penetration
30% sector growth

Banking & Fianance

4 banks
13 foreign banks

Oil & Gase

Oil Reserves: 45 billion barrels
Natural Gas Reserves: 100-200 tcf

Real Estate & Construction

Housing Demand: 58k Units
Total Investment ($13.7 billion USD 2006-2012)


+12 malls
+15 billion USD in international investment


5% annual growth
2 international airports
$5.2 billion USD investment needed through 2020


10% contribution to GDP
$1.2 billion USD needed through 2020
25 licensed projects since 2006


$2.1 billion USD investment needed through 2020
101 total Hospitals, 42 Private Hospitals


380 hotels
7 million tourists
$3.2 billion USD investment in 2014